Gifts for customers and/or employees

PlayProp for your business – with or without co-branding on the box.Is your company using gifts for customers, employees, Christmas, promotion or reception gifts? Why not replace all the odd chocolate boxes, key chains, wine gifts or the mugs with company logos – and replace them with probably the funniest game in the world?

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Events /Conferences /Kick-off / Customer Parties

PlayProp is a unique way to begin, end or use as a breaker in any event in your company. Your event will be remembered for a long time. And no doubt about it – everyone will have a good laugh.

Kick in a game of PlayProp at the seminar, your project day, in the beginning of a new education, Christmas party. Anywhere you want people to connect and create good relations. The high spirit and great atmosphere is guaranteed, when Birger manages from 15-1.500 people playing at the same time.You can also choose to let Birger kick in features on e.g. communication, motivation, leadership topics, management or team performance - if required. Call us, and let us tell you about all the possibilities.Birger has more than 30 years of experience as a lecturer and motivational speaker in Danish, Scandinavian or English.

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