Extra Rules

You get better fast when you’re playing - so you can up the intensity by using these additional rules for Super Pro Prop Players.

Six or more Players

When you’re six or more players, change the cup when a player gets 3 Prop Points instead of 4. This way, everyone gets to be the cup holder.

Time out or Drinking time

People can get pretty eager when they’re in the heat of the game. Therefore, you can play it safe with this rule: when you put your opposite index finger in the middle of the string on the table, you’re signaling that you aren’t ready. The Cup holder can only lift the cup after you take away your index finger.

Double Hat

Already wearing a hat - and you get 4 Prop Points again? You get a Double Hat. There are no rules defining what a Double Hat should be; as long as it's super silly, it works. It could be a hat and a pair of funny glasses, or a hat and a rolling pin; it’s up to you!


If you drop the dice, fumble, or lift the cup before the dice stop rolling, you are slapped with half a Prop Point for "bad cup-keeping". If this happens again, you get 1 Prop Point.

The Good Relations Rules

Most of us aren’t that fond of losing. That’s why we’ve introduced the Good Relations rules. See the example below.

Elli has lost. Since we’re nice, we’ll give her 5 extra points in the next game, so she needs to reach 26 Prop Points before she loses. Sofie won the game and is now the PlayProp Master.Now we’re gonna get tough: for the next round, she’ll drop by 5 points from the normal 21 - so now, she only can reach 16 Prop Points to lose.You can, at the most, increase the losing bar up to 31 Prop Points and decrease it down to 6 Prop Points.