A game is born

The year is 1977. Four high school friends - Hudson, Golliwog, Bath Tub and Tarzan (Birger) - are sitting in a cottage in Klint while rain is pouring down outside.

Out of pure boredom, they come up with a game using the few things they have on hand in the cottage: a pair of dice, a cup, string and Props. When they suddenly realize it’s turned into a special game, they can’t stop. The first version of PlayProp is born. Later, the game accompanies Birger as he backpacks to Val d'Isere in France. Here, he lives and works as a ski instructor and travel agency owner for the next 7 years. He plays the game with skiers, tour guides and people from around the world who come to ski. The game is built upon with a colander, a bread basket and an old lampshade. The cup goes from player to player, with Props flying all over the place and lots of laughing and shouting. Every ski season, Birger pulls out the game - and every season, it improves.

Many of the guides and guests bring the game home from their ski trips to play with family and friends. 38 years after the first game at the cottage, Birger is contacted by Henrik, whom he met on another ski trip. Henrik believes that many more people should enjoy the game and experience the good times. The game deserves to be put into production. Belinda, who is married to Birger, gets the idea that PlayProp should be a socioeconomic project. The idea is that the game will be produced in a way that makes a difference in the world. In finest PlayProp spirit, the three decide to create a company together. PlayProp is ready to make its way into the rest of the world.